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Saksi April 20 2015

Saksi: Liga ng Katotohanan (EYEWITNESS: LEAGUE OF TRUTH) is the late night news broadcast of GMA Network in the Philippines. It was formerly the early evening and flagship newscast of the station from 1995 to 2002. The newscast is currently anchored by Arnold Clavio and Vicky Morales.

King Of Ambition April 20 2015

After entering the new millennium at this moment, Korean dramas had began airing in the Philippines since 2003, starting with GMA Network as the very first network to air Koreanovelas starting with Bright Girl; followed by ABS-CBN as the competitor for airing Korean dramas; as well as TV5 and other Free TV networks which they also worked to broadcast Korean dramas through the Philippine Television. Koreanovelas are being more popular to many Filipino televiewers as of today, and it even serves as an "anti-Anime" and "anti-Teleserye" program. Koreanovelas are automatically referred to as "Asianovelas", as Asian dramas airing in the Philippines are not focused on Taiwanese and Chinese dramas and excludes Japanese dramas. South Korean dramas are one of the greatest interests for airing foreign programs in the Philippines on its 21st century, which had already aired more than 100 Koreanovelas as of the end of 2014. Because of this, all the Filipino-dubbed programs for Japanese Anime series and Spanish-language Telenovelas are permanently banned on Philippine Free TV in the 2010s. Most media broadcasters in the Philippines airing Korean dramas are ABS-CBN (with its former sister channel, Studio 23), GMA Network (with its former sister channel QTV), TV5, as well as minor TV networks Net 25 and PTV and among others. Furthermore, airing Koreanovelas in the Philippines are on-going the process of localization, which consists the process of program re-dubbing, pre-editing, post-editing and finalization of the re-production process which had been going on-air at the specific date. Korean dramas began to be popular in the Philippines in 2003, with shows such as Bright Girl, Autumn in My Heart, Lovers in Paris and My Girl. One of taking popular of this is gathering importing Korean dramas on South Korea. The most popular on them are the media broadcasters of KBS, MBC and SBS, as well as other cable/paid networks such as JTBC, TVN and more. Airing Koreanovelas in Philippine free television are being used as an "anti-Teleserye" or an "anti-Anime" program; either for postponing, cancelling or removing an Anime or Teleserye series, or to air many Movie blocks and Sports programming and coverages to gain high ratings and make money for acquiring Korean dramas.

Wattpad : The Nerdy Girl Turns To A Hottie Chick April 20 2015

Wattpad stories are syndicated over time, chapter-by-chapter, or shared as a complete novel - facilitating social conversations between readers and global awareness for authors of all types of fiction.Wattpad allows an author to engage with readers on many levels with space for images, YouTube clips, book trailers and book covers to create a multi-media reading experience.Wattpad is a writing community in which users are able to post articles, stories, fan fiction, and poems about anything either online or through the Wattpad app. The content includes work by undiscovered writers, published writers, new writers, or people just looking for somewhere to write all their ideas down. Users are able to comment and like stories or join groups associated with the website. Around half of the users are U.S. based; other users come from the U.K., Canada, the Philippines, Australia, United Arab Emirates and other countries. In March 2014, Wattpad signed a contract with Pop Fiction, an imprint of Summit Media, to print Filipino Wattpad stories in the Philippines.[13] Other publishers from the Philippines also publish stories from Wattpad. Some Wattpad stories have also been adapted into teleseries. For example, the Filipino television betwork, TV5, in partnership with Wattpad and Life is Beautiful Publishing Company launched Wattpad Presents, a series of Wattpad stories turned into TV dramas. There has also been ABS-CBN's television adaptation of the Wattpad story "My App Boyfie" by Noreen Capili (noringai), starring James Reid and Nadine Lustre. The latest addition to the long list of Wattpad stories being adapted into television shows is ABSCBN's coming-of-age series Bagito starring Nash Aguas , Alexa Ilacad and Ella Cruz, GMA also has a show about this but it is not related to More than Words but it is related to doing stories.

Second Chances April 20 2015

Second Chances is a story that will dramatically narrate how an opportunity can change someone’s life and will also provide a powerful response to viewers’ demand for validation that indeed, we all deserve a second chance.

Once Upon A Kiss April 20 2015

Once Upon A Kiss begins with the story of Aurora and Eric. Both coming from poor families, they used to dream of having a better life together. However, for material gain, Eric gave up his love for Aurora and pursued Giselle, the daughter of the family who owns the rest house Aurora’s parents work for. Later on, Aurora got married to Jimmy, Eric’s best friend. Eric, on the other hand, regretted marrying Giselle because her family just treated him like a puppet in their company. Both coming from poor families, Aurora (Manilyn) and Eric (Cris) used to dream of having a better life together. However, for material gain, Eric gave up his love for Aurora and pursued Giselle (Mylene), the daughter of the family who owns the rest house Aurora's parents work for.

Later on, Aurora got married to Jimmy (Keempee), Eric's best friend. Eric, on the other hand, regretted marrying Giselle because her family just treated him like a puppet in their company.

Prince (Miguel) is the son of Eric with Giselle, while Ella (Bianca) is the daughter of Aurora with Jimmy. Although their families are mortal enemies, they become childhood friends. But they become separated when Prince leaves for the city.

They cross paths once again when Prince comes back to their town as a teenager. However, the once kind and humble Prince now becomes an arrogant and egotistical kid. Will Prince and Ella be able to rekindle their friendship and relationship? Will their love story have a happy ending despite the complications and interventions of their respective parents? Miguel Tanfelix portrays Prince Pelaez-Almario; Born from a rich family, Prince was once a kind and humble lad who befriended his childhood friend, Ella, before he changed after he moved to the city. He was also compassionate and friendly to poor folks. When they both cross paths again and their families' rivalry, they both began to rekindle their friendship and were willing to fight for their loving relationship.
Bianca Umali portrays Mariella 'Ella' Servando-Rodrigo; She came from a poor family who believes in finding her true love from her fairy tale. She is also very kind to children. When Prince suffers a coma from an accident, Ella, believing from the part of her favorite story, kisses him which revives him from the coma, rekindling their friendship and to fight for their relationship.

Pari Koy April 20 2015

Hinahangaan ng lahat si Kokoy. Sa taglay niyang kagwapuhan at kabaitan, puwede siyang bansagan bilang certified crush ng bayan. Si Kokoy din ang tipong gugustuhin ng mga nanay, lola at tita para sa kanilang mga anak na babae. Siya ay mabait, maalaga, madiskarte, masipag at kahit palabiro ay punong-puno naman ng prinsipyo. Higit pa dito, siya rin ang tipong maaasahan sa panahon ng kagipitan.

24 Oras April 20 2015

24 Oras is the flagship national network news broadcast of GMA Network. A nightly national newscast which airs in the Philippines. Launched in 2004, it is one of the most watched news programs in the country. The program airs at 6:30 PM PST on weekdays, and is also simulcast on GMA Pinoy TV. 24 Oras premiered on March 15, 2004 at 6:15pm, replacing Frontpage: Ulat ni Mel Tiangco. Frontpage anchor Mel Tiangco was joined by Saksi's Mike Enriquez, rejoining them in one newscast since they co-anchored Saksi from 1996 to 1998. Special weekend editions are also being aired when it deemed necessary (See below).

DZBB anchor Joel Reyes Zobel is the voice over talent until 2014.

On June 2004, the show reformatted its studio set, graphics & intro, however, the OBB or "Opening Billboard" remains the same.

On December 1, 2005, the coverage by 24 Oras of a siege of Camp Bagong Diwa was mentioned in the best news program category in the Asian Television Awards in Singapore.

The show relaunched in April 17, 2006 with a new graphics package, and a new set with floating large rear projection screens that allow the anchors to virtually "talk" to correspondents in live feeds, also the anchors are doing stand-up news delivery. The studio set was shared by Saksi during that time. PAGASA's Nathaniel Cruz anchors weather news during severe weather conditions.

On August 11, 2008, the show was relaunched again with a new set using LED, a new desk which is identical to the desk used by CBS Evening News, new graphics and titles. On April 2010, the show became the home of Vizrt Touchscreen system a real-time broadcast solutions system which is use in the YouScoop segment designed and developed by GMA New Media. On December 6, 2010, the news program updated its graphics. A day later, it updated its OBB and title card.

On February 21, 2011, along with Unang Hirit, Saksi, and GMA Flash Report, the newscast introduced a new studio set, new graphics, new theme, and new OBB. The new theme music is a remix of 24 Oras 2008-2011 theme music & an element of an opera voice, eventually it was developed in 2010, which was used only for the commercial.[2] On October 10, 24 Oras updated only its graphics. The logo on the bottom left corner is now square and features: 24 Oras current logo, Facebook page, Twitter account and GMA News Online URL. The news ticker became shorter than February 2011 24 Oras news ticker. The news ticker of the late 2011 24 Oras shows the return of the time shown on the news ticker (the former is 2006-2011). The headlines at the right of the 24 oras logo is rectangular with the red line at the right of the headlines. This also use a new font Antique Olive on their graphics, replacing Myriad font, which use on other GMA newscast.

On June 4, 2012, 24 Oras launched its new weather segment titled I.M. Ready: GMA Weather (based on the advisory advertisement of the said title, and the branding of I.M. Ready), hosted by resident Meteorologist Nathaniel Cruz. Cruz has been the chief weather forecaster for PAGASA and is regularly seen in GMA newscasts for some time before he went to Australia.

On June 2013, 24 Oras introduce its augmented reality graphics, it was used only on the beginning of the show, however it was no longer used later on.

A notable coverage of GMA News called "Super Typhoon Yolanda", covering the devastating typhoon Haiyan (international name), won its 4th George Foster's Peabody Awards in 2014.
In July 2014, the studio set was under renovations, with some of its props removed and its anchors doing a stand-up news delivery, once again.

On November 10, 2014, Vicky Morales joined the 24 Oras team as it's third anchor, while Pia Arcangel leaves GMA News TV's Balitanghali to replace her. Also, GMA Regional newscasts for Bicol, Cebu, Davao, Cagayan de Oro, Iloilo, Dagupan and Ilocos adopted the 24 Oras branding. All of this changes are answers to competition of its long-time rival, ABS-CBN's TV Patrol

My Love From The Star April 20 2015

With 3 months left to get back to his own “star”, he meets a self-centered but loveable actress who made him wish that he is just an ordinary man. If he’ll let go of his only chance to go home and stay behind to be with her, he’ll surely die on Earth. My Love from the Star (Hangul: ??? ? ??; RR: Byeoreseo on geudae; literally You Who Came from the Stars) is a South Korean television series about an alien who landed on Earth in the Joseon Dynasty and, 400 years later, falls in love with a top actress in the modern era. It aired on SBS from 18 December 2013 to 27 February 2014 on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 21:55 for 21 episodes;[2] the production company extended the original 20-episode run with one episode, due to high viewers' demand. The fantasy romance stars Kim Soo-hyun and Jun Ji-hyun (also known as Gianna Jun, in her small screen comeback after 14 years), who previously worked together in the blockbuster heist film The Thieves. Jun won the Daesang (or "Grand Prize"), the highest award for television, at the Baeksang Arts Awards and the SBS Drama Awards, and as did Kim at the Korea Drama Awards. Main characters: Kim Soo-hyun as Do Min-joon A very cold and distant being, he loved a girl who lived during the Joseon Dynasty for liking him as his true self, an alien. After the girl dies from saving him, he waits to return home. Living a lonely and isolated life for centuries, he one day meets Cheon Song-yi, a girl who, at her young age, looked exactly like the one he cared for 400 years ago and whom he once saved. Jun Ji-hyun as Cheon Song-yi A top Hallyu star who is very blunt and believes that she is every man's type, until she meets her stoic neighbor, Do Min-joon. She soon develops feelings for him and tries to make him fall for her. Park Hae-jin as Lee Hwi-kyung Song-yi's childhood friend who has an unrequited love for her. He believes one day she will love him, but decides to back down for a while, supporting her through thick and thin as a true friend. Yoo In-na as Yoo Se-mi Song-yi's childhood best friend. Underneath her sweet smile, she is actually very envious of Song-yi and has had a crush on Hwi-kyung for a long time. She later becomes famous after Song-yi's fall from the entertainment industry.

Kailan Ba Tama Ang Mali April 20 2015

Kailan Ba Tama Ang Mali? is the most dramatic interpretation of how painful it can be when people dishonor what is right and dignify what is wrong – a struggle that can only be won when love triumphs over all else.Kailan Ba Tama ang Mali? (When Will Everything Wrong Be Right?) is a Filipino drama series to be broadcast by GMA Network starring Max Collins, Geoff Eigenmann, Empress Schuck and Dion Ignacio. It is a remake of the 1986 movie starring Pilar Pilapil, Edu Manzano, Rio Locsin and Elizabeth Oropesa, directed by Celso Ad Castillo courtesy of Viva Films. The series is set to premiere on February 9, 2015 replacing Ang Lihim ni Annasandra on the network's GMA Afternoon Prime block, and also aired worldwide via GMA Pinoy TV.

Main Cast:
Max Collins as Amanda Realonda-Vasquez
Geoff Eigenmann as Leonardo "Leo" Dela Cruz Vasquez
Dion Ignacio as Oliver Mallari
Empress Schuck as Sonya Barcial
Supporting Cast:
Sharmaine Centenera-Buencamino as Auring Reyes
Ryza Cenon as Rita
Chariz Solomon as Bianca
Ashley Ortega as Angeli Realonda
Ervic Vijandre as Joseph Dela Cruz
Ken Alfonso as Thomas Alejandro
Rox Montealegre as Ayla
Jan Manual as Leslie
Via Antonio
Tess Bomb as Giselle
Mike Lloren as Randy Dela Cruz
Kiko Estrada as Martin
Shelly Hipolito as Trina
Angel Satsumi as Shy
Angel Aviles as young Angeli
Lander Vera Perez as Victor Realonda

Yagit April 20 2015

Yagit or The Street Urchins (international title) is a Pinoy ako tv Filipino drama series to be broadcast by GMA Network starring newly auditionees Chlaui Malayao, Zymic Jaranilla, Judie Dela Cruz and Jemuell Ventinilla, together with LJ Reyes, Rich Asuncion, Yasmien Kurdi. It is based on the 1983 hit drama series of the same title.Yagit or Pushcart of Dreams (international title) is a Filipino drama series to be broadcast by GMA Network starring newly auditionees Chlaui Malayao, Zymic Jaranilla, Judie Dela Cruz and Jemuell Ventinilla, together with LJ Reyes, Rich Asuncion, Yasmien Kurdi. It is based on the 1983 hit drama series of the same title. It premiered on October 13, 2014 replacing Dading on the network's GMA Afternoon Prime afternoon block and worldwide via GMA Pinoy TV on October 14, 2014.
Main cast:
Chlaui Malayao as Elisa/Eliza Guison
Zymic Jaranilla as Ding Santos
Judie dela Cruz as Jocelyn 'Josie' Carpio Macabuhay
Jemwell Ventinilla as Tomas 'Tom-Tom' Carpio Macabuhay
Yasmien Kurdi as Dolores 'Dolor' Macabuhay/Danica
LJ Reyes as Flora Fabro-Macabuhay
Bettina Carlos as Izel Lorena Guison

Supporting cast:
James Blanco as Victor 'JR' Guison
Renz Fernandez as General Roman Marasigan
Wowie de Guzman as Chito Asuncion
Kevin Santos as Kardo Macabuhay
Rich Asuncion as Odette Guison
Stephanie 'Steph' Yamut as Tiffany 'Tiff' Vinluan
Racquel Villavicencio as Donya Claudia Guison

Extended cast:
Paolo Contis as Rex Villamor
Maricris Garcia as Cece Ortega Guison
Shermaine Santiago as Ethel Santos
Ina Feleo as Imelda Macabuhay
Alessandra de Rossi as Pamela Lidalgo

It premiered on October 13, 2014 replacing Dading on the network's GMA Afternoon Prime afternoon block and worldwide via GMA Pinoy TV on October 14, 2014.

The Half Sisters April 20 2015

The Half Sisters is a Filipino family drama to be broadcast by GMA Network topbilling Barbie Forteza, and Thea Tolentino, together with Derrick Monasterio and introducing the newcomer Andre Paras. It is set to premiere on June 9, 2014 replacing Villa Quintana on the network's GMA Afternoon Prime afternoon block and worldwide on June 10, 2014 via GMA Pinoy TV.

Main cast:
Barbie Forteza as Diana Mercado Valdicañas
Thea Tolentino as Ashley Mercado Alcantara
Derrick Monasterio as Sebastian 'Baste' David
Andre Paras as Bradley 'Brad' Castillo
Jean Garcia as Karina 'Rina' Mercado / Alexa Robbins
Jomari Yllana as Benjamin 'Benjie' Valdicañas / (New Chapter) Mang Tonyo and Noli delos Santos / Fake Benjie
Ryan Eigenmann as Alfred Alcantara
Eula Valdez (New Chapter) as Isabel dela Rhea / Ysabela Zuñiga

Special Participation:
Gloria Romero as Elizabeth McBride (Middle Chapter only)
Carmen Soriano as Doña Lupita Valdicañas (1st Chapter only)
Isabel Granada as Eva Mercado (1st-Beginning of New Chapter only)
Pinky Marquez as Cleo Castillo (1st Chapter only)
Supporting Cast:
Vaness del Moral as Jackie Silverio (Middle Chapter to Current)
Mel Martinez as Venus (1st-Current)
Jane Rossly as Anica (1st-Current)
Karyn Johnston as Paula (1st-Current)
Sanya Lopez as Lorna (1st-Current)
Buboy Villar as Marlon (Mid Chapter)
Archie Adamos as Felix (Mid Chapter)
RK Bagatsing as Warren (New Chapter)

Carlo Gonzales as Dr. Paolo (1st-Mid only)
Arny Ross as Yvette Zuñiga (New Chapter)
Karen Delos Reyes as Stella (1st Chapter)
Lovely Rivero as Julie (Mid Chapter)
Patricia Ismael as Luz (Mid Chapter)
Ynez Veneracion as Delia (New Chapter)
Kalila Aguilos as Lydia (New Chapter)
JC Tiuseco as Carl Valdicañas (1st Chapter)
Deborah Sun as Sandra Silverio (Mid Chapter)
Shelly Hipolito as Maristel (1st Chapter)
Arkin Magalona as Astrud Silverio (Mid Chapter)
Menggie Cobarubias as Atty. Gutierrez (1st Chapter)
Rolly Innocencio as Atty. Alcala (Mid Chapter)
Abel Estanislao as Gino (1st Chapter)
Neil Ryan Sese as Jacob (New Chapter)
Robert Seña as Chiquito (New Chapter)
Yul Servo as Roldan (Mid Chapter)
Lou Sison as Iza (Mid Chapter)
Odette Khan as Lumita / Donya Rivas (Mid Chapter)
Bembol Roco as Teodorico Adorno (New Chapter)
Allan Paule as Miguel (New Chapter)
Sylvia Sanchez as Dolores (New Chapter)
Alicia Alonzo as Jasmina Zuñiga (New Chapter)

The Ryzza Mae Show April 20 2015

The Ryzza Mae Show is an upcoming Philippine talk show presented by Ryzza Mae Dizon. It is set to premiere on April 8, 2013 at 11:30 am. The show was first announced by Vic Sotto during the live airing of Eat Bulaga.

Eat Bulaga April 20 2015

Eat Bulaga! is a local noon-time variety show in the Philippines produced by the Television And Production Exponents Inc. (TAPE) of Malou Fagar and Tony Tuviera. The program is the longest-running variety show on Philippine television. It also holds the Philippine record of all-time number of live TV episodes. pinoy ako tv the show is aired on GMA Network at 12pm on Weekdays and on Saturdays. The show is broadcast from TAPE Studios at the Broadway Centrum in Quezon City. The show’s main hosts are Vic Sotto, Tito Sotto and Joey de Leon.Production Specialists, Inc., a company owned by Romy Jalosjos, brought the idea of creating a noontime show for Radio Philippines Network (RPN). Antonio Tuviera, who was the working for the company, thought that the comic troika of Tito Sotto, Vic Sotto and Joey de Leon, better known as TVJ (who had gained fame through GMA Network's Discorama and as pinch-hitters for Student Canteen, but subsequently left both), would be the perfect hosts for the new program. At a meeting at the InterContinental Manila parking lot, Tuviera made the offer to them; they accepted.

De Leon coined the title of the show: Eat represents lunchtime while Bulaga (which means "to surprise") represents their plan to fill the show with big surprises. The title is also a play on two children's games: Eat is the transliteration of It from the game Tag while Bulaga refers to Peek-a-boo!. Because of this, the slogan "Hangga't May Bata, May Eat Bulaga!" ("While There Are Children, There will be Eat Bulaga!") was coined, also by de Leon. Vic Sotto, on the other hand, composed the theme song.

Eat...Bulaga! premiered on July 30, 1979.[12] TVJ, along with Chiqui Hollman[10] and Richie Reyes (a.k.a. Richie d' Horsie) were the original hosts. During its first few months on the air, the show was in danger of cancellation. Not only did it face competition against the longest-running noontime show at that time, Student Canteen, it also lacked advertisers.[10][14] In addition, TVJ did not receive their salaries for six months.

Eat...Bulaga! slowly gained top-rating status in 1980 after the introduction of the segment "Mr. Macho."[10] Production Specialists soon handed production to Tuviera's TAPE, Inc.[8] In May 1982, the domestic satellite was launched, allowing Eat...Bulaga! and other RPN programs to be aired nationwide. During the same time, Coney Reyes joined the show while Hollman moved to Student Canteen. In 1987, Aiza Seguerra joined the show after finishing as a runner-up in the "Little Miss Philippines" segment.

In the 2004 episode of Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho, the episodes of Eat...Bulaga! from 1979 to 1982 had been lost, the first full surviving episode was in August 7, 1982, the third year anniversary of the show, however a clip from 1981 (the second year anniversary) are available on YouTube.

An interview with Joey de Leon revealed that Tito Sotto, Vic Sotto, and Joey de Leon never signed any contract with Eat...Bulaga! when they were offered to become hosts of the show. Vic Sotto confessed that he accepted the offer and would immediately stop once he had enough money to buy a personal vehicle. Joey de Leon also admitted that the show was only supposed to be a short-term employment. However, Eat...Bulaga! defeated Student Canteen in the ratings after 2 years and TVJ decided to stay with the show. Up to this day, no contracts bind Tito Sotto, Vic Sotto, and Joey de Leon to the show or to TAPE, Inc. Friendship and their loyalty to the show are the only factors that keep them together.

PBA: Talk n Text VS Rain or Shine Game 3 Finals April 19 2015

The Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) is a men’s professional basketball league in the Philippines composed of ten company-branded franchised teams. It was the first professional basketball league in Asia and is the second oldest in the world after the NBA.

Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho April 19 2015

“Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho” is a weekly news magazine show hosted by Jessica Soho, one of the most awarded broadcast journalists in the Philippines. It features stories about current events, lifestyle trends, and interesting individuals. Jessica Soho (born March 27, 1964) is a Filipino broadcast journalist, documentarian and news director who received a George Foster Peabody Award[1] and was the first Filipino to win the British Fleet Journalism Award in 1998.[2] She has reported for the GMA network for 27 years. A Ka Doroy Valencia awardee, Soho was also one of the 100 Filipino Women of Distinction chosen during the centennial celebration of the Philippines. Her story of a hostage crisis in Cagayan Valley made her the first Filipino to win in the New York Film Festival for Coverage of a Breaking Story. She helped conceptualize the one-hour documentary television program I-Witness, which ran for over 10 years becoming the longest running late-night program on the air as of 2009 Her documentaries on the Kidneys for Sale business and Kamao death sport made her the first Filipino reporter, with GMA Network as the first Filipino network, to win the George Foster Peabody Award on 1999. Soho hosts Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho and was honored on October 14, 2008, by Quezon City with the Outstanding Citizen Award. Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho (KMJS) was recognized as the Most Development-Oriented Magazine Program. Program host Jessica Soho got two awards – the Best Public Affairs Program Host and the Best Magazine Program Host in the Gandingan 2009: UPLB Isko’t Iska's Broadcast Choice Awards. Gandingan 2009 is the first award-giving ceremony in the field of broadcasting instituted by Community Broadcasters’ Society (UPCBS) of the University of the Philippines Los Baños (UPLB). It pays tribute to the best broadcast programs that air over TV and radio. In 2004, at the annual Cebu Federation of Beat Journalists event, she stated that "Provincial and regional journalists, in my view, are the real heroes in this profession. The dangers and risks you face and encounter are no doubt far greater than those that we face in Manila," in reference to the 55 journalists in the country that had been killed to date, "But despite the hazards of the job, journalists must work hard and strive to make Philippine media strong, robust and credible." Her biggest break in news-casting entitled State of the Nation with Jessica Soho as a news anchor. Jessica Soho is a Filipino reporter, host, producer and currently the acting news director of GMA Network. She joined the GMA team in the mid-80s, fresh from college, barely finished with her undergraduate thesis. Soho's first voice-over report was a feature story on the inauguration of the Light Rail Transit from Baclaran to Monumento. Later she was assigned to the defense and military beat. Eventually, Soho's reputation and responsibility have increased dramatically since then.

Ismol Family April 19 2015

Wala nang mas sasaya pa sa pamilyang Pinoy. Kaya handog ng GMA-7 ang pinakabagong comedy-serye na magpapaalala sa iyo na walang kasing saya ang buhay mo basta kasama ang mga taong pinakamamahal mo. Kilalanin natin ang Pamilyang Ismol. Sa darating na June 22, isang bagong sitcom ang handog ng Kapuso Network na tiyak magpapatawa sa mga televiewers tuwing Linggo ng gabi, ang Ismol Family. Tungkol ito sa dalawang mag-asawa na sina Jingo Ismol (Ryan Agoncillo) and Majay Ismol (Carla Abellana). Magbabago ang buhay nilang dalawa nang mabigyan ng opportunity si Majay na makapagtrabaho bilang welder sa Dubai. Now! Ang guwapong tatay na si Jingo magiging "househusband" sa cute na cute nilang anak ni Majay na si PJ (Marc Justine Alvarez). Anyare? Pakakatutukan ng mga manonood kung paano ihahandle ni Jingo ang buhay bilang Tatay at Nanay at the same time. Kasama din sa cast ng Ismol Family sina Carmi Martin bilang Mama A, Pekto will play Bobong ang kapatid ni Majay at anak naman niya si Bianca Umali who will play Yumi. Mikael Daez will play Bernie ang best friend ni Jingo. Younger boyfriend naman ni Mama A si Lance (Kevin Santos) at ang Foreigner housemaid nila na ‘Pusong Pinay’ si Natalia (Natalia Moon), while Niño star, Miguel Tanfelix ay ang classmate naman ni Yumi na laging nakabuntot sa kanya na si Tan-Tan. Sa panayam ng kay Kapuso host Ryan Agoncillo dapat daw abangan ng mga loyal Kapuso viewers ang male cast ng Ismol Family. “It’s fantastic. I think having guys with different backgrounds come together, exciting yun; to be working with such a background na iba-iba.” “Pekto [is] talagang purong komedyante, life of the party and Kevin is a serious actor, so is Mikael, who is a leading man. But Mikael plays Bernie with a twist here. Kevin Santos also, Pekto [din], so napakaexciting.” dagdag nito. Siguradong patatawanin din kayo ni Mama A played by veteran actress Ms. Carmi Martin. Ayon sa kanya dapat panoorin ng mga televiewers ang Ismol Family dahil it’s a totally different concept na siguradong magiging Sunday night habit nang bawat pamilyang Pilipino.

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